It can often be one of the keys to success for a salesperson when determining how to cold call. There are some very clear and simple things you can do to improve results even though it can be a very intimidating thing to do.


Pre-Cold Call Steps

There is a significant amount of work that you need to do before you pick up the phone to be most effective.

It can almost always help to perform some amount of research before cold calling, and it depends on who you are calling. This could mean researching the prospect’s company and what they do, the industry the prospect works in, and/or researching background information of the individual prospect.

Before getting on the phone, there might be some training that can help. Do you feel good about your level of knowledge of your products and services? And, in the area of general sales training and sales tactics, there is always room for improvement.

Cold Calling Script
Are you utilizing a cold calling script or just going to pick up the phone and “wing” it? It is common for salespeople to jump right in and go unscripted.

The reality is that there are important benefits in utilizing a calling script which is one of the important keys for how to cold call.

From practicing comes the mastery of anything. This also applies to how to cold call, and you can practice before picking up the phone by role-playing your script with a peer, sales coach, mentor, manager, or using role-playing software.


Cold Calling Steps

Next, let’s cover what is needed when you’re on the phone to improve how to cold call.

Warm Up
Like most activities, there can be a need to warm up when cold calling. It could be that you haven’t cold called in a while and/or possibly your first calls of the day.

There can be a benefit in getting warmed up in whichever case, and this can be accomplished by making a few calls to contacts who are more approachable or prospects where it doesn’t matter if you do something wrong.

Focus on your voice
Be aware of the tonality you’re using when you’re on the phone because you communicate a lot through your voice. Do you come across as stressed out or nervous? Try sounding relaxed, happy, and like you’re having fun.

Improve gatekeeper relations
Prepare a game plan for dealing with the gatekeeper. Up to or more than 50% of your time can be spent talking with them so you should certainly be prepared and know what to do.

Learn from every call
Stop and reflect back to think about what went well and/or what could have been better following each call. Similar situations will occur so this helps you build a library of knowledge that helps you handle things better moving forward.

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