A cross-sell cold call script is a script that you can use to call existing customers to try to upsell them on a different or additional product. Here is how you can create your sales script for cross-selling and upselling existing customers.

Since this is an existing customer, opening the call should be fairly easy and you should not have any worries or anxiety about calling the customer because you should actually be calling them to check in on how everything is going with the product that they purchased. With that, you can open your call with something like this:

Hello [Contact’s Name], this is [Your Name] from [Your Company], have I caught you in the middle of anything?

Great. The reason for my call is that I see that you currently use our [Purchased Product] and I just wanted to make sure we were doing our part to check-in with you.

Customer Check-In Questions
Before you try to use your cross-sell cold call script, you will want to check in to see how everything is going with the product they purchased or are currently using. Here are some questions that you can ask for that:

  • How is everything going with [Purchased Product]?
  • Is there anything that you like about it or find that is working well?
  • Is there anything that you think could be working better?
  • Do you mind if I ask what motivated you to purchase [Purchased Product]?

Transition to Cross-Selling with Pain Questions
After you have adequately checked in on the customer’s use of the purchased product, you can begin to transition to your cross-sell cold call script and one way to do that is to start asking some questions that probe for the pain points that the product that you want to cross-sell or upsell resolves.

Great to hear. I am curious though:

  • Pain Question 1
  • Pain Question 2
  • Pain Question 3

One example to demonstrate how this works is if you sold a car to someone and now you want to cross-sell or upsell a hitch that would connect their car to a trailer. If you called them, you should first ask about how everything is going with the car they purchased. And after that, you can transition into cross-selling mode by asking questions about how often they need to pull a trailer or connect their car to something.

Current Environment Questions
After you ask your pain probing questions, you can ask the prospect current environment questions to identify what they are doing in the area for the product that you are trying to upsell or cross-sell.

  • Who are you currently using today?
  • How long have you been with them?
  • How is everything going?
  • What are some things you like about what they provide?
  • What are some things that you think could be better?
  • If you could change one thing about their product/service, what would it be?
  • When was the last time you considered other options in this area?
  • (Sizing Question) How many _____ do you currently have?

Share Common Pain Points
One of your goals with the questions that you ask up to this point is to identify that the prospect has challenges or concerns in the area that the product that you are cross-selling can help with. If the questions do not uncover any needs, another thing to try is to just share some of the pain points that the product can help with and say something like this:

When I talk with other [buyer title], they often have challenges with:

  • Pain Point 1
  • Pain Point 2
  • Pain Point 3

Are you concerned about any of those areas?

Share Some Quick Product Details
At this point in the cross-sell cold call script, you can share some quick details about the product you are wanting to talk to them about.

We have a product call [Product Name] which includes:

  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3

Our [Product Name] can help to:

  • Value Point 1
  • Value Point 2
  • Value Point 3

Some ways that we differ from other options out there are:

  • Differentiation 1
  • Differentiation 2
  • Differentiation 3

Name Drop:

  • We worked with [Customer] and helped them to [Technical Improvement]
  • We were able to do this by providing our [Product Name]
  • This ultimately helped them to [Business Improvement]

Cold Call Close

After you have talked about the product that you want to upsell or cross-sell in your cold call script, you can try to close the prospect on talking more in some sort of meeting or appointment.

But I have called you out of the blue and I am not sure if this is the best time to discuss this.

Are you interested in discussing this a little more?

Do you want to schedule a brief 15 to 20 minute meeting where I can show you some examples of how we have helped other [buyer title] to:

  • Value Point 1
  • Value Point 2
  • Value Point 3

Or are you available to continue talking about this now?


We hope this cross-sell cold call script gives you some ideas for how you can sell additional products to your existing customers.