We have recently introduced an option for our customers to integrate their SalesScripter subscription with their RingCentral account if they happen to use RingCentral as their phone system.

There are a few reasons that you might want to consider using this point of integration if you do indeed use both SalesScripter and RingCentral.

Don’t have to download softphone
With our integration, the RingCentral softphone is already downloaded and installed as part of our software eliminating that step for you. This can be attractive if you are rolling out SalesScripter across a team of salespeople, you would not have to give each person instructions and help with downloading and installing their softphone because it part of the SalesScripter software helping you to simplify your onboarding process.

You don’t need to use the RingCentral integration in order to get SalesScripter to provide click-to-dial when calling your contacts but it is a little easier to set up and use with the integration in place.

See call recordings directly in the CRM
If you use the RingCentral Premium package that has automatic call recording and you have call recording turned on, the integration will bring over call recordings for calls that you make to each contact. The call recordings are displayed on each contact record so that you can see all the calls made to each contact and listen to any recordings that you would like to review.

The setup of this integration is extremely simple and literally involves clicking a checkbox and entering your RingCentral login credentials in the settings area of the SalesScripter application.

Let us know if you have any questions about this integration or anything else regarding SalesScripter!