There are very clear things that can be done to improve results when you need to make an outgoing call for sales.


1. Improve Your Mind

It can be extremely mentally challenging to make outgoing sales calls. The reason is we’re likely calling people who aren’t expecting our call, and we will likely face some sort of rejection. This can create cold call anxiety, which is comparable to how a young man feels at a high school dance when he needs to walk across the dance floor in order to ask a young woman for a dance.

We are aware that rejection is possible, and this can cause a level of discomfort in both of these scenarios. There are a few things that can be done to decrease this stress as well as improve your mental state:

Know your value: Your business likely helps customers or clients in some way. Being aware of the value that you deliver is helpful, and having it at the top of your mind when making outgoing calls will help.

Go through sales affirmations: It is helpful to go through some sales affirmations that summarize why your company, products, and services, as well as you as a salesperson, are good and possibly better than the competition.


2. Have a Value Statement

Having some sort of value statement is one thing that can be used on every outgoing call. It is a one to two-sentence statement that summarizes the core value that you have to offer the prospects that you’re calling.


3. Prepare for Objections

On pretty much every outgoing call that you make, you will face objections. We can easily prepare for these objections by outlining which ones we’re likely to come across and then script out the best responses that will keep the call going to improve sales results.


4. Cold Call Script

You never really know which direction the call is going to go, and that is one of the most challenging things about outgoing sales calls. Developing some sort of cold call script is one way to decrease this uncertainty. It doesn’t need to be a lengthy and verbose script that needs to be read word for word. It should be a type of outline that one can use as a guide and/or a tool to determine which direction to take the call. It can greatly improve results and make the outgoing call easier.


5. Perform Some Research

When doing some research prior to the call, we can always stand to improve outgoing calls. This could include some research on the company, the individual we are calling, and any history between your company and the prospect. There are various online resources that provide valuable data that can help your call in some way or another. The information collected during research might enable you to modify the questions that you ask to make them more tailored to the prospect, which makes your questioning more powerful.

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