A common question we get is how to or if you can customize the scripts, templates, and documents in the SalesScripter Sales Playbook. The short answer is “Yes” and I will provide a little explanation in this blog post and a deeper explanation in the video attached to this.

There are two reasons why someone might want to edit, change, or customize the documents in SalesScripter. The first scenario is that someone likes the documents that the software created but wants to make some minor tweaks or changes.

The second scenario is that someone like the SalesScripter platform but they want to insert their own script instead of using the scripts or documents that SalesScripter created for them.

Which ever of those scenarios someone falls into, all they have to do to edit a document is click on Edit when viewing the document in the list of documents view. From there, you will be taken to an page where you can either make minor modifications or you can delete all of the document and insert your own script or content.