It can be very helpful to have a script for a sales call and here are a few quick steps that you can go through to create one for you.


Think about the value that you offer.

Many sales pros will structure their script for a sales call around details about their product. We want you to adjust this thought to focus more on how your product helps, and this is the value that you offer.

To help get you thinking about what you can say here, stop to go through this process:

  1. Identify the product that you ultimately want to sell
  2. Identify the target buyer that you are calling
  3. Brainstorm a list of how your product helps the buyer to improve processes, makes their life easier, helps them to make more money, helps them to save money, etc.

Once you have that list of benefits, you can use them in two different places in your script for a sales call. The first place is to use one of the benefits in a value statement that is shared as your elevator pitch at the beginning of the call. Here is an example:

The purpose for my call is that we help [target buyer title/descriptive label]s to [insert one of your strongest benefits].

You can then go back to these benefits toward the end of your call right before you close, where you go into more details about your product and company.


Create a list of the problems that you help to fix.

The next step in creating your sales script is to compose a list of the problems that you help the target buyer to resolve, minimize, or avoid. Sharing these at different points in your pitch can not only help you grab the prospect’s attention but can also be a more effective way to communicate how you can help or what you have to offer.

One way to create an optimum list of problems is to take the list of benefits that you offer, and for each benefit, there are probably one or two problems that are addressed or resolved.


Create a list of good probing sales questions.

One of the most important sections of your script for a sales call is a list of good probing sales questions that you can ask to learn more about the prospect. Not only will these help you gather valuable information to qualify the prospect, but asking good questions will also help make your sales call more engaging and balanced.

You may read that and agree but still don’t know what to ask. Here is a very clear step to take for that script for a sales call and it is to look at the list of problems that you created in the last step and for each problem, compose a question or two to probe to see if the prospect has that particular problem or concern.


We hope this helps you to create a script for a sales call.