How is Sales Scripter a sales script generator? I will try to explain that here in this blog post.

There is a template builder for everything
In 2007, I took a new position as a field sales rep and was given the goal of selling to CFO’s in net new companies that we were not doing business with. I clearly remember one day where I was making calls and thought if there was a sales script generator out in the world of the internet that I could use to create a script.

Being a guy that looks up everything in Google to find answers and templates, I thought for sure there would be something out there. I had recently found and used a Last Will and Testament generator just before this that asked me questions and built a legal document by filling in all of my information. But when I looked to see if there was a sales script builder out there that would help me to write cold call scripts and email templates, I did not find anything.

Then the idea came to me
Fast forward to 2011 and at this point I had started my own business where I had a team of work-at-home cold callers and I sold their time to small business owners where they would make cold calls to schedule appointments. In order to make this model work, I had to give the cold callers scripts and in order to create each script, I would need to interview the small business owners and ask a series of questions.

Going through this process of asking questions and creating scripts, I personally become a pretty goog sales script generator. And then one day I had an “aha” moment where I realized that I could create a software program with all of my questions that I ask and link all of the answer boxes to sales script templates and that would then be a sales script builder or generator.

SalesScripter was born
In 2013, we launched the first version of SalesScripter and it was basically a workflow of web pages that takes a user through the same questions that I would ask my clients when I was generating their sales scripts. The software has a library of documents so that as a user answers the questions, the library of documents fills in all of their information and becomes a sales script generator with documents that are custom tailored for each user and works for any product, any service, and any industry.

Not just cold call scripts
When I interviewed my clients, I could create a lot of different documents with the information collected. I could create not just cold call scripts, but I could also create email messages, voicemail scripts, objection responses, meeting scripts, and more. And since SalesScripter uses the same questions, the system is also able to be a sales script generator for all of these other documents as well.