In this video and blog post, I will outline some details of an example of a sales pitch.

I am currently traveling for an extended period of time and need to join a gym so I stopped by a gym that I am interested in joining and this that the salesperson at the gym gave me.

Selling a gym membership might be seen by many as a fairly simple product and sale and not a good example of a sales pitch. But I disagree and there are a couple of reasons why I think this is a great example to look at.

First, many of us already belong to a gym so we can relate to the product or reasons why to purchase. And for those that don’t belong to a gym, they may be able to relate to some of the pain points that one feels when they do not go to a gym.

Another reason I think this is a good example of a sales pitch is that a gym membership is a fairly simple product. But the pitch can be extremely consultative and with that, this is a good example of how you can create a consultative sales pitch for even the most simple of products.

What She Could Have Done Better
The main thing that I think she could have done better in this example of a sales pitch is to ask me more questions. She only asked me one question whether I take classes or do weight training. She may be also asked me how often I work out.

But there are a ton of great questions she could have asked me like:

Do you currently work out or exercise?
Do you currently belong to gym?
Why are you looking to make a change or join a gym?
What are some reasons why you work out?
What are some improvements that you hope to gain through working out?
What are some challenges that you have that you think you can decrease by working out?

As I discuss in the video, by her asking questions like this, she could have tailored the product demonstration to my needs and situation and then when it was time to close, she could have been in a much more powerful position as she would have more information and could ask good questions before going for the close or if she is not able to close.


We hope this example of a sales pitch gives you some ideas for how to improve your pitch!