Every sales organization would like improved cold calling results as well as the ability to benefit from cold call training. Current cold calling results aren’t good currently or they need improvement or the current level of performance is acceptable, but driving even better results would certainly be of interest. Regardless, there is always a place for the benefits which come with training for cold calling, and a few of those are outlined below.

1. Increase the number of cold calls

There will be a certain level of cold calling activity needed to meet targets regardless if an organization has dedicated cold calling resources and/or it has more general sales resources which need to do some level of cold calling. This might be between 50 to 100 calls per day for cold callers alone. Now, for general sales personnel, this might be a couple of hours per week. Whichever might be the case, it’s highly likely that with providing cold calling training to these individuals, it will increase the cold calling activity level as well as the number of cold calls made.

Being human, we naturally get some amount of cold call anxiety when we start to make calls. We’ll increase the sales staff’s level of knowledge on what and what not to do by training them in the area of cold calling. By doing so, it will decrease the level of resistance to making calls as well as improve the number of calls made.

2. Increase in quantity of leads

First, the data point to consider when evaluating cold calling or lead generation activities are the number of leads being produced. There is always some form of cost per cold call with cold calling which makes it critical to find ways to improve the number of leads being produced per hour, per employee.

It’s expected to see an immediate increase in the number of leads when you provide cold call training. This is from knowing that more cold calls are made as well as there will be an improvement in successfully getting through the gatekeeper, decreasing prospects’ guards, communicating business value, etc.

3. Improvement in the quality of leads

When adequate training is provided for cold calling, the total number of leads increases, and the quality of the leads improves. The reason is, a key component of cold call training should be focused on qualifying prospects and opportunities.

4. Decreased turnover

Making the investment in cold calling training will have a positive impact on decreasing sales staff turnover which is one of the most powerful benefits. And, this is due to the most common reason for salespeople quitting is sales performance. The reason is, if they’re not making enough money and choose to leave or they’re not selling enough their employment is terminated. By providing more and/or better cold call training to these individuals, it improves sales performance and decreases sales staff turnover.


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