Overcoming objections in sales is a key to being consistently successful. In this video, we outline some tactics and examples.

Focus on How You Differ
One tactic that you can use with overcoming objections in sales is to focus on your differentiation and how you differ from your competition. This is an approach you might consider using when you face the objection of “we already use somebody for that”. Or you could use this when the prospect is leaning more toward selecting your competitor over you.

For example, if your competition has a good product but there will need to be consulting services hired to set up their product and you might differ in that yours is easier to set up without the need for your customers to purchase any professional services.

This is a big point of differentiation for you. As a result, you can try to overcome the sales objection with a response around something like this:

Oh, I see. Yes, they have a good product but it requires a lot of consulting services to get fully configured.

One way that we differ from them is that our system is much easier to implement and it can be set up without any consulting or professional services.

Get to the Root
Another tactic to help with overcoming objections in sales is to try to get to the root of the sales objection. For example, if a prospect says that you are too expensive, this objection can be driven by many different things and it can help you to overcome the sales objection if you fully understand what is the root cause for the objection that they are giving you.

A prospect expresses that you are too expensive, but does that mean that there is a budget that they are trying to stay within? Or is it that they want to minimize the amount of cash they have to spend at once and need to spread it out over time?

Isolate the Objection
Once you identify what the prospect’s exact concern is, you then want to isolate that concern and this will help you with overcoming objections in sales. As you isolate the objection, you are working to identify if everything else is OK and if it is just the one area in that they have an open concern.

What this allows you to do is basically check all of the other boxes so that you can then focus on overcoming the one concern so that you establish no reason to not continue to move forward if the objection or concern can be resolved.

Focus on ROI
One of the best ways to excel at overcoming objections in sales is to focus on the return on investment that your product has to offer.