You are guaranteed to face sales objections when you are in the field and on the phone. In this sales training webinar, we present how to get around and defuse the objections that will stand in your way.



Sales Objections that You Can Anticipate
Regardless of what you sell, you can anticipate running into some of these objections when you are prospecting.

I am busy right now.
I am not interested.
We already use somebody for that.
We do not have budget to spend right now.
We are not looking to make any changes.
Just send me your information.
Call me back in 6 months.

Do any of those sound familiar? Do you have responses for those sales objections that allow you to keep the conversation going?

Objections that are Specific to You
Those are just the standard objections that we all face and are the same regardless of what you sell. You should be able to add some objections to that list that are specific to your world and the products that you sell. Here are some examples:

You are too expensive.
It is too difficult to switch systems.
Your product is too complicated.

There Objection Handling Options.
You have three different types of responses that you could try to use for handling sales objections. You can comply, overcome, or redirect.

Complying with Objections
To comply with an objection would be to give in to what the prospect is saying. For example, if the prospect were to say that they are not interested, you could comply by accepting that and moving on.

At some point, it is appropriate to comply with sales objections. If you just keep trying to resolve and get around the objection, at some point you will begin to annoy the prospect and begin to decrease the level of rapport and that will not help you much. A good rule of thumb is to try to get around the sales objection 2 or 3 times and then consider complying.

Overcoming the Objection
To overcome the sales objection is to basically defuse the objection. This would involve changing the prospect’s mind or getting them to see things in a different way.

Overcoming objections and changing someone’s mind can be a difficult thing to accomplish. As a result, we don’t recommend trying to overcome objections when cold calling as you don’t have the time to work with.

Redirecting the Objection
To redirect an objection is to deflect the conversation in a new, yet still related area. For example, if the prospect says they already use someone today, asking who they use and how it is currently going is a great way to redirect sales objections.

SalesScripter will provide you with tools that will help you to get around sales objections.