Phone prospecting can be tough. There will be a lot of highs and a lot of lows. And this can be very difficult on someone emotionally making it easy to have an element of self-doubt lingering in your head while you are working the phones.

It is very critical that you find a way to keep this self-doubt in check as it can have a direct impact on your activity levels and how you perform when talking with prospects.

In this video, we outline some small things that you can keep in mind to help decrease any self-doubt that you may have during phone prospecting.

Sales Myth #1 – You should enjoy phone prospecting.
In whatever job you have and work in, .it is important for you to be able to believe and see that you can be successful. This is especially important with prospecting over the phone as not always the most enjoyable job and this can make you question whether or not you are the right fit.

The first thing that you need to do is realize that it is normal for you to not enjoy prospecting for sales over the phone and pretty much everybody dreads it a little. When you fully realize this and keep this in mind, it should help you to begin to decrease some of your internal self-doubts.

Sales Myth #2 – Salespeople are born, not made.
Many people still debate whether or not salespeople are born or made.

Many think that you are either born with what is needed to be successful as a salesperson or you are not. I personally do not believe that and I see selling as a skill and that there are key things you can learn and do that can make you a great salesperson.

When you are going through some of the lows of phone prospecting and getting beat up a little with some rejection thrown in your face, you can question whether or not you have what it takes and if you have the natural abilities that one needs to be a successful salesperson.

If you stay aware of the fact that if you have the desire to succeed, the ability to learn, and the motivation to work hard, then you can develop and be a great salesperson, regardless of the personality and physical traits that you were born with.

Sales Myth #3 – A good salesperson will be good at prospecting.
You may be great when you are in front of clients or working warm leads but you really stink when it comes to prospecting for sales over the phone. Don’t let this impact your confidence as is tough and there are a lot of small things that you can learn to improve your phone prospecting results and make things easier in that area.

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