Many salespeople debate whether or not cold call scripts work. There are definitely some key benefits from using a cold call script. But what is important is how you build your script and how you use it.


Benefits of using cold call scripts

If you don’t use a call script, you are going to be improvising and working primarily off of your instinct and experience. With that approach, a key factor is how talented you are in terms of instinct and experience.
If you are new to a sales position, a script can definitely help you to improve your results as it can provide a good guide for what to do and say.

Although, even if you are extremely talented, you never really know what direction a cold call is going to go. You never know how a prospect is going to respond or what objections they may give you. As a result, your instinct and experience may help you out in some scenarios by helping you to think of the right response or question. But there are almost certain to be instances where you end a call and you could have asked a better question or had a response that kept the call going.

Cold call scripts, when designed right, can have the key questions and responses helping you to take the improvisation out of the equation. The more you improvise, the more inconsistent you will be.


How to build a cold call script

Another key factor in whether or not a cold call script works well or not is how you build it. Are you creating a long page of paragraphs that you need to memorize? If so, that type of script design is not only difficult to memorize and work off of, but it is also a script that makes you do all of the talking when on the phone with sales prospects.

Build your script so that it is more of an outline with key goals, questions, and points to make. This is a call script design that is easier to learn and adopt. It is also more flexible allowing you to continue to use the script even as the call goes in different directions.


How to use cold call scripts

One of the main arguments about a is that it sounds bad when you read from a script while on a call. This is actually one hundred percent correct – it does sound horrible when reading off a script.

That is why you should use a call script, but you should never read directly from it when on a cold call. Memorize and practice the script to the level that you use it as a guide and can operate without reading directly from it.


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