With the continued growth of inside sales, the need for telesales resources is increasing along with it. Here are some quick keys to help with training telesales.

How to Build a Strong Inner Game
One step that is often skipped in sales training is talking about the mental aspects and the inner game. Outer game is what we say and do. Inner game is what we think and feel.

This is very important with telesales as it can be a very challenging job in terms of highs and lows and facing rejection at every turn. Every telesales resource is human and can be vulnerable at some level. If you don’t help to toughen the sales resource up a little, they may not have the stamina to weather the storm and that could negatively impact activity levels, production, and attrition.

There are clear topics that can be discussed during telesales training that help a resource to have a stronger mental frame of mind. Although to do well with this piece, you can benefit from always giving a little training and coaching to the telesales resource about building and maintaining a strong inner game.

Using a Cold Call Script
A key component of a cold call script is to teach how to use a cold call script. Some resources are actually very negative on cold call scripts saying that they make you look bad when you sound like you are reading from a script.

The people that say this are actually 100% correct – you do sound bad when you read off of a cold call script. As a result, the most important thing to do when you are working off of a script is to be able to use it without sounding like you are reading from it.

There are a few things that will help with this:

  • Design your script so that it is more of an outline. This will make it easier to memorize and more flexible to use when on a call.
  • Know the script well enough so that you use it as a guide and not something that you must read directly from.
  • Role-play with yourself, a peer, or a manager to help you to learn and memorize the script.

Dealing with Objections
Training telesales resources need to include a step for how to deal with objections. Objections will come up on every call. You can easily help prepare your resources for the objections that can be anticipated by teaching them what response would work best to keep the call going.

How to Get Around the Gatekeeper
Your telesales resources could spend up to or more than 50% of their call time talking to gatekeepers. Training telesales should definitely include tactics for how to turn gatekeepers from enemies to allies.


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