There are clear things to incorporate in order to create a successful lead campaign.


Focused Target List

Building a target list of prospects for the campaign is a step often overlooked or not given enough attention. It’s common to quickly pull together a target and attack list with more time focused on other areas. This creates a problem because, without a solid target list, more time will be spent and/or wasted with unqualified prospects.

You will greatly increase the probability of the campaign being successful by spending time to ensure the target list is focused on the segment of prospects that fit well and may have a good chance of making a purchase.


Strong Messaging

The level of success for the lead campaign is greatly influenced by the messaging used. Do you focus on talking about your company, products, and features? Or is your messaging focused on the prospect as well as the business value that you are offering them?


Defined Goals

It is imperative to establish clear, defined goals for the sales campaign. For example, is the goal to sell products, set appointments, trigger trials, or demos? In order to measure and drive results, you need to know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.



In order to create a strong lead campaign, you should have a multi-touch approach that touches the prospect in multiple ways. Some examples are cold calls, emails, or pieces of direct mail used to contact the prospect in multiple ways.


Recruiting and Staffing

Recruiting and staffing are key factors in the probability of success for your sales campaign, whether you’re outsourcing the lead generation effort to external resources and/or using in-house sales resources. By having good resources which have the right skill set and ability to learn you increase your chances of having a good, strong sales campaign.

When using sales outsourcing where you’re not responsible for staffing, interview the provider to ensure they have processes in place to secure the right resources.


Sales Training

When attempting to position for a successful sales campaign, there’s a place for sales training regardless if the sales resources have experience or not. Both product training and training specific to lead generation and cold calling can be included in the training model.


Sales Coaching

When sales training is complete, do not stop the development of resources. Recurring sales coaching given to the lead generation sales resources can have a great impact on the lead campaign.


Performance Monitoring

Simply launching the sales campaign and waiting to see how it goes isn’t enough. Monitoring performance and results throughout the campaign so that you can make any adjustments when needed ensures success.


Continuous Improvement

You can create a forum that enables continuous improvement by taking the performance monitoring and combining that data with recurring sales coaching. With coaching taking place once a week, it provides you with a weekly opportunity to make improvements and greatly improves the probability of successful lead campaigns.

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