In this video, we provide a recording of cold calling for merchant services. I think the salesperson does many things really well, and maybe just one area where I might tweak his cold call script.


He Sounded Really Good

Overall, I think the salesperson in this recording of cold calling for merchant services sounded really good. He sounded extremely confident and prepared and knew exactly what we needed to say and do. Even when sales objections came up, he was very ready with a response and did not seem flustered at all.


You Don’t Need to Talk So Much About the Product

If I try to look for something that I think the salesperson could have done better or differently, it would be that he does not need to go into so much detail about his product offering on the cold call. Not only is it not needed because the goal of the cold call is not to sell the product; it is to sell the appointment. But also because you almost want to save some of the details for the appointment because if you explain everything when cold calling for merchant services, there is less of a reason to meet in the appointment.


Focus More On Value

The salesperson uses what I would refer to as a product intro script where he talks primarily about what he sells and then tries to close for the appointment. If you are to apply my suggestion to not talk as much about the product, what you can do is talk more about the value that the product offers at the beginning of the call. I refer to this flow as a value intro cold call script.


Ask Some Questions

The other thing that the salesperson could have done in this example of cold calling for merchant services is to ask questions more questions. If you open with some of the value that you offer, you could then follow that up with questions to ask if the prosepct is interested in those improvements or if they have any of the pain points or concerns that the product can help with.

Applying that to this example, if the value offered is all around decreasing credit card processing fees, it would be good to ask the prospect how concerned they are about the amount of fees they are paying or how important it is to decrease the amount of fees they are paying.

You could also ask what I refer to as current state questions, which are questions that try to learn more about what the prospect is doing in the area where you have something to offer. In this case, you could ask questions about what the prospect is doing in the area of processing credit cards.


Go For The Close

After you have asked some questions, you might have identified that the prospect needs what you sell and found a justification for talking more. And this is where you can go for the close and try to schedule the prospect for an appointment where you can share more details about what you sell.

We hope this cold calling for merchant services example gives you some ideas of how you can improve your sales efforts!