In this video, you will hear a cold call from an investment banker. It is actually most likely an SDR that works for an investment banker and we outline what went well, what could have been better, and also provide a recommended cold call script for this salesperson.



The introduction on this cold call from an investment banker was:

We are an investment bank and interested in learning more about SalesScripter.

This is not horrible but one way to improve this intro is by telling the prospect why it can be helpful for the prospect for the investment bank to learn more about them.


Quick Close

On this cold call from an investment banker, he uses more of a quick close script, which goes straight for the close right after the intro, and he does that by saying:

If you have some time like five minutes to schedule a short call. It would be very good for us.

There are definitely reasons to use a quick close cold call script. I do recommend sharing a little more information before going for the quick close so that you build a little interest and I will show how to do that in the recommended cold call script.



After the quick close in the cold call for an investment banker, the prospect gives the objection that we are not looking to raise any money right now. I think the salesperson handled this really well by not trying to overcome the objection and instead focused on setting the appointment by saying:

It would just be a short call to get to know each other that way we can have you in our system for if things change down the road if things change.



The objection response was good enough to close the prospect on meeting on another day. Although the step of actually setting the appointment and locking the prospect in was not great and actually took place on a follow-up email. If you get the prospect to verbally agree to meet on the cold call, lock in the time and day right then.


Recommended Cold Call Script

In the video, we provide a recommended cold call script for this salesperson. Actually, we provide a full cold call script and also a quick close cold call script.

In the full version, we suggest opening the call with more of a value proposition, sharing with the prospect how the investment banker helps software startups. From there, we recommend you ask a couple of pain and current state questions. These will not only help to create a reason to talk more on another day but also help to

The quick close cold call script only differs in that it removes the steps to ask questions and discuss pain points. Instead, the script is designed to still open with a value proposition and then share a few details about the product or company, and then go for the close.



We hope this cold call from an investment banker gives you some ideas for your own cold call script!