This video will show you how to build an inside sales call script and here are some key steps that the video will take you through to build a script similar to an example that we went through.

Identify the Product that You Want to Sell
This should be a relatively easy step to create your inside sales call script because you probably know precisely what product you want to sell. But it might not be a crazy step to stop and think about because you may sell more than one product, and it can be helpful to stop and think about which product might be best to use as a foot in the door or lead generator.

Think About the Benefits Your Product Offers
Now that you know which product you want to build your script around, take a step back and think about at least three benefits the product delivers. Note that this is not what your product does; this is what your product helps to improve.

Some examples of what this should look like are:

We help inside sales managers to:

Get their reps generating more leads and sales
Make it easier for their reps to get into new accounts
Decrease the amount of time that it takes to get new reps ramped up

Brainstorm the Pain Points that You Help to Resolve
The next step in creating your inside sales call script is to think about the pain points you help fix. You may know these already, but here is a shortcut – Try to look at each benefit, and there is usually a problem or pain point for each that is resolved.

Here is what this may look like when you are done:

A lot of inside sales managers have challenges with:

It can be tough to get all of their reps generating enough leads and performing at the needed level
It can be tough for reps to get into net new accounts
It can take a long time to get reps training and ramped up

Create Some Good Questions to Ask
The best thing to build an inside sales call script around is a few good questions to ask. It is probably easy for us to agree on that, but it is still unclear what questions to ask.

That is the million-dollar question – what are the key questions to ask in our cold call script?

And I don’t have the answer for you. Even the questions in our sales script change and get replaced by questions that we hope work better.

But here is one process you might want to try. Start with looking at the pain points you just came up with in the last step and compose a question for each.

Here is an example of what that would look like with the pain points we used in our example:

How much of a priority is it for you find a way to get your reps generating more leads?
Are there reps on your team that are not good at getting into new accounts?
How helpful would it be to decrease the amount of time that it takes to get new reps trained and ramped up?

Following those steps, you can use those points developed to create your inside sales call script.