We regularly how cold call demo webinars and we try to share some of the cold call script examples and this is one of the reviews from a recent session.

What Went Well
On this one of our cold call script examples one thing that went well is that I actually got someone on the phone. If you have done any cold calling, you know it can sometimes seem impossible to just get someone on the phone.

If you feel this way, don’t worry too much or think that you are doing something wrong. It just takes a lot of attempts and effort to simply get someone on the phone and it is just part of the job.

On this particular call, I pressed the number in the auto-attendant menu for sales and ended up on the phone with someone in the sales department. Not ideal as someone in the sales department can be less likely to help than a traditional gatekeeper, but it can be worth a shot when you have no other way to get into the account.

And this guy was clearly not interested in helping me connect with the person I was calling. Which is the second thing I want to point out that I did well which is making an attempt to get information out of the gatekeeper.

Gatekeepers often have a tremendous amount of knowledge and can be an excellent resource for valuable information. And when it was clear this guy was not going to help me get connected to the target prospect, I began asking him questions to try to extract some information.

Compared to other cold call script examples, I did not get any great information but this is an excellent example of how to pivot from trying to connect with the target prospect and shift toward trying to get information out of the gatekeeper.

What Could Have Been Done Better
I could have used this opportunity to try to get the prospect’s direct dial number. From the way the gatekeeper was responding, he probably would not have given it out but I still could have asked and attempted to get the number.

What Objections Came Up
The main objection that came up on this call is one that is on many of our cold call script examples and that is something similar to asking what the call is in regards to but he asked it like this:

What’s the reason? Where are you calling from? What do you guys sell?

I responded to this with my value statement in a way that I reply to the “what is this in regards to” sales objection.


We hope these cold call script examples give you some ideas of how you can improve your cold calling.