Here is an example of a cold call from another financial advisor. We have done a review and analysis of a couple of calls from financial and wealth management advisors so if you find this video helpful, be sure to go to our YouTube playlist here to view the other cold call examples and hear the play-by-play analysis.

On this call, I think think the salesperson does some things well and some things not so well and those are all explained in the video. If I were to pick one thing or the main thing that I think he could improve it is how he is managing the sales process. Yes, this is just a cold call and the first step of the sales process, but the steps you are trying to take a prospect through will impact what you say and ask and what you try to do on a cold call.

Based on this example of a cold call, I don’t think this salesperson had clarity for the sales process that he was trying to work through because he tried to close for presenting a second option to the prospect. While that is a good thing to try to close for, the cold call is much too early for that. At this point in the sales process, all you are trying to do is establish the conversation. And that should be what the salesperson is trying to close for in the cold call – talking more in a real conversation.

This feedback and other tips for this example of a cold call are explained in the video so be sure to watch that if you are interested in hearing more around this.