In this video, we talk about how to follow up on LinkedIn. We are able to do that because we have a great example from a salesperson who sent a voice message on LinkedIn, then sent a cold email, and then made a cold call.

There are a lot of great things to reflect on with this salesperson and cold call example, and we talk about those in the video. At the end of the video, we also provide a recommended cold call script for this particular salesperson and situation.


What Went Well

Overall, this was a good cold call. Although, a lot of what she did well was actually before the call as she sent an invite to connect on LinkedIn, then sent a voice message through the LinkedIn email inbox, then sent a cold email to my business email inbox, and then cold called me.

It was this multi-touch approach that was the reason why I knew who she was when I answered her call. Prospects are busy and get sold to a lot, and this makes it extremely difficult to get connected. This is why it is critical to have a multi-touch cold outreach approach that not only includes reaching out in different ways, but with multiple attempts in many of the different channels being used for communicating.

I also think that her sales message was pretty good and better than most. Most salespeople use more of a product-selling sales message that is centered around the product they sell and the company they work for. This salesperson used more of a consultative approach in making the emails. cold call, and meeting requested all about the prospect. Although, while her sales message was better than most, I do think there was room for improvement, and I explain how she could improve her cold call script and cold emails at the end of the video.


Objection Handling

Whenever reviewing a cold call example, it is very helpful to reflect back on what objections came up and try to think about if there could have been better responses. On this call, the first objection that I gave her was that we were too small for her service to make sense. She responded in a pretty good way by asking the question of how many employees we have.

One of the best ways to respond to cold call objections is to ask a question that keeps the call going and possibly gets around the objection. While I think her question was good in this case, I think a good follow-up question could have been to ask about growth projections and where our employee count will be in the future.

We hope this example of a cold call and LinkedIn follow-up gives you some ideas for how to improve your prospecting and sales efforts.