Here are some tips for how to write an introduction email.

Before we show you some tips, let’s start with a few assumptions for what is going on on the prospect’s side.

  1. Your prospects are extremely busy
  2. Your prospects get a lot of emails from salespeople trying to sell them something
  3. Your prospects are likely not in “buying mode” when you send your email
  4. Your prospects will delete a lot of emails without reading much or any of the email

Those four factors have an influence on how your sales email is received or if it is responded to. We suggest that you do what you can to design your emails so that you take those assumptions into consideration in an attempt to minimize the odds of your email being instantly deleted.

Now that we put that out there, we can look at some tips that can help you with how to write an introduction email.


1. Use Brevity

Trying to keep in mind that your prospects are busy and trying to prevent them from deleting your email without being read, keep your email as brief as possible. This means looking at each word and each sentence to determine if they are needed and help to make your message more clear and attention-grabbing.

2. Try to Avoid Sounding Like a Salesperson
Since your prospects get a lot of emails from salespeople, this can influence their quick trigger response on deleting emails. If you go through the how to write an introduction email process and your email looks like you are trying to sell something, the prospect might have a negative response to your email and delete your email without giving it much attention.

3. Focus on the Immediate Goal
When you are sending an introduction email, you likely have two goals. Your ultimate goal is to close the sale and get a new customer. But your immediate goal is to just establish a conversation with the prospect.

When it comes to how to write an introduction email, you can design your email where you are focusing more on the immediate goal and this involves talking more about meeting or having a conversation and less asking the prospect if they need to purchase what you are selling.

4. Use a Multi-Touch Mindset
If we look back at those assumptions, it is clear that we might have to use multiple touches in order to connect with the prospect. Keep this in mind when you design your introduction email. You do not need to say everything in your email because you are going to be sending additional messages as you continue to try to pursue the prospect.

5. Educate the Prospect
Use your introduction email to educate the prospect. This is not to educate the prospect on the product that you sell. More so, it is to educate the prospect on why they should talk with you.

The way to educate a prospect on how to write an introduction email is to talk about the improvements that you can help to make for the prospect, the problems you can help to fix, and how you have helped other customers.