A lot of people often wonder what they can do with their voicemail script to get the prospect to call them back. Here are a few things to consider on that subject.

Qualified prospects do not typically call back.
If you are calling B2B, something very important for you to always keep in mind is that qualified prospects do not usually call salespeople back that leave a message from a cold call. And when I say “qualified prospects” here I mean decision-makers – people that are at a level in the organization where they have the authority and power to pull the trigger if they were to buy from you.

Here are a few factors that support this to keep in mind when you develop your voicemail script:

  1. Decision-makers are extremely busy. Their day is so busy that they barely have time to check their voicemail box much less return any of the calls.
    1. They get a lot of voicemail messages from salespeople and also from internal contacts so they cannot return all the calls. They usually cannot even listen to all of the messages.
  2. Decision makers often have a certain level of ego and this could prevent them from calling you. They may be open to talking but will see it as your job to call them back if you really want to talk.
  3. They know you are a salesperson and will likely be calling back and they will talk to you then.
  4. They do not have enough interest to call you back as a voicemail message is not really enough time to build much interest.

*Please note that this applies to cold calling where the prospect does not know you or your company. If you are performing warm calling, the probability of a call back is definitely higher.

Shift toward educating the prospect.
If the prospecting is not really likely to call you back, stop focusing on that as the main goal of your voicemail script. When you really let go of that goal and expectation, you can shift toward focusing more on leaving a message that educates the prospect.

On a voicemail message, you have about 20 to 30 seconds to work with. Use this time as a commercial and your commercial should educate the prospect on why they should talk to you when you call them back.

Educate them on the problems that you help to resolve.
Your product or service should help to resolve or decrease problems on the customer’s side. Focusing on these during your voicemail script can be extremely helpful in your goal to educate the prospect on why they talk to you. Here is an example:

Hello Maria. The reason for the call is that we help to decrease the time it takes to get new sales resources ramped up, get underperforming sales resources on track, and minimize sales staff turnover.

I don’t know if you are concerned about those and that is why I trying to connect with you.

I will try you again next week. If you would like to reach me in the meantime, my number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Thanks and I look forward to talking with you soon.

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