The most common gatekeeper objection is when they ask you “What is the call in regards to?” They use this question as a tool to identify if you are a salesperson or not. And it is very effective. If you follow your instincts or directly answer their question, you might respond with something like:

Well, I am calling to schedule a meeting with the VP of HR to learn more about your process for clearing employee records and would like to see if you are a fit for what we sell.

As soon as the gatekeeper hears that, they know that it is OK to get rid of you. And your answer might not be that much of an “I am a salesperson” admission as the example that I gave, but if you are a salesperson, it can be difficult to answer that without sounding like one.

Here is a quick tactic that you can use for this gatekeeper objection. When that question is asked, simply respond with your value statement. Your value statement is a one-sentence statement that simply shares how your products or company help your clients. For example, you could respond with something like:

Well, the purpose for my call is that we help VP’s of HR to decrease employee absenteeism.

After you say that, just sit there. Wait for the gatekeeper to speak first. The funny thing about this is that they will not know how to respond. It is almost like a curveball that you have thrown at them. The reason why they do not know what to do is that your value statement will not give them a clear indication of a salesperson. It provides them with an answer to their question, but it is a little unclear if you are a salesperson trying to sell something.

And as a result, their automatic gatekeeper objection response cannot be fired away at you. To be clear, I am not saying that they will hear your value statement and receive you with open arms and send you right through. It more so throws them off their game and makes them less able to shut you down.

The other thing that is good about saying your value statement when facing a gatekeeper objection is that it is usually something that is difficult to respond with any of these objections:

We are not interested.

We already use somebody.

We do not need that.

The reason why is that your value statement usually mentions improving something. And it is more difficult to say that they do not need or are not interested in improving something. For example, this is a simple value statement example, but if you said that you help manufacturing companies to make their front-line workers happier, how could anyone respond by saying that they are not interested in that?


Give this a shot, simply say your value statement when you hear “What is this in regards to?” and sit back and see what happens. Let us know how it goes!