There can sometimes be some confusion around what is a sales pitch. We just want to outline real quick what we see as your pitch and when you use it.


Ultimate Agreement (Purchase)

When you are selling something, you are ultimately trying to get someone to agree to something. In most cases, this agreement is getting someone to buy something.

But does not need to only be getting someone to purchase something. It could also get someone to agree to do something or get someone’s “buy-in” to something you are trying to pursue.

For example, you might want to get a group of people to go somewhere. In this situation, you are not trying to get the individual members of the group to purchase anything. More so, you are trying to sell them on wanting to go where you want to go and get their “buy-in” into the process that you are trying to establish.


Initial Agreement

One thing that we feel like salespeople often lose site of with what is a sales pitch is that there are usually two agreements that you are trying to sell. This applies more when you are trying to sell a product or service, but if your ultimate agreement is getting the prospect to purchase your product, you also have an initial agreement which is to simply agree to move to the next stage in your sales process.

For example, you may be talking to a prospect for the first time. This could either be on a cold call or meeting someone in person while networking. This could be someone that you might end up selling your product to, but you are not going to get them to purchase in this first conversation.

In most cases, you will have some sort of sales process that you would need to take a prospect through that would lead to them purchasing your product. A common next step after the first contact with a prospect can be to schedule a meeting or appointment.

The reason that we are bringing this out when discussing what is a sales pitch is that you need to have a pitch that focuses on your ultimate goal of selling the product. But you also need a sales pitch that sells the initial goal of trying to get the prospect to move on to the next stage in your sales process.

This impacts your pitch because if you are focusing more on your initial goal, you are asking questions and closing for the next step. This can not only greatly improve your pitch, but it can also actually greatly improve your results.

This will help you to sound less like a salesperson trying to push a product to anyone who will listen and more like a business person who has something to sell, and this should help you with what is a sales pitch.