In this video, we talk about going an extra step to tailor your cold call script for your ideal customer profile.


Ideal Customer Profile Characteristics

When thinking about your ideal customer profile, here are some things that you can consider:

  • Type: Business, consumer, individual, homeowner, small business owner, etc.
  • Size: Revenue, Employees, Sites, etc.
  • Geography: East coast, Texas, North America, etc.
  • Industries: Manufacturing, Energy, Retail, etc.
  • Department: Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, etc.
  • Title: CXO, VP, Director, etc.


This Impacts What You Say

If you are just talking about your product when you talk to prospects, you can sometimes use the same pitch and cold call script for everybody. But when talking about benefits and pain points, those can all change when you change the ideal customer profile for the person you are cold calling.

If you sell your product to different industries, the product may be used in a fairly similar way but the improvements could be unique in the different industries. For example, I sold software to manufacturers and to hospitals. The software was the same in both cases but manufacturers and hospitals have very different interests and challenges. And being able to tailor your cold call script to your ideal customer profile and focus on the key hot-button issues for each audience is an extra step that can take you to the next level and separate you from your competition.