In this video, we talk about how to use pain points when cold calling. And to level-set what we are talking about, when we refer to pain points, we are referring to something that is not working well for the prospect, something that could be working better, or something that they are concerned about.


Using Pain Points When Cold Calling Can Be Helpful

Improving your ability to talk more about pain points can be extremely helpful for several reasons.

People are more motivated to fix problems.
There are two scenarios where changes are made – 1) to make something working OK to work better and 2) to fix something that is not working well or is broken. You can persuade someone to make a change in both scenarios, but the people in the second category are much more motivated to move forward and spend money.

It can help with getting the prospect’s attention.
Because people are more motivated to solve issues that are troubling them, talking more about pain points can help you to grab the prospect’s attention.

It can help explain what you sell.
It can sometimes be difficult to explain what you sell, and this can especially be a challenge on a short cold call. To help with this, you can use pain points when cold calling as a way to explain what your product does, and this can sometimes be easier for prospects to picture what you are talking about.

It can help to generate leads.
When you add all of that up, it should be apparent that talking more about pain points on cold calls can help you to generate more leads.

It can help to qualify prospects (pre-qualify).
And not just generate more leads, but generate better quality leads because the more pain that product solves for your prospect, the more the prospect needs what you sell. The more the prospect needs what you sell, the more likely they are to move forward with purchasing from you, and this makes those leads more qualified.


Using Pain Points When Cold Calling Can Be Difficult

Even though we can all probably agree that talking more about pain points is helpful, it is a little difficult for a couple of reasons.

It can be unclear what pain points to talk about.
We can often know our product details inside and out, but it can often not be really clear what pain points the product helps to solve.

Pain points can be different for each product.
If you sell multiple products or services, each one could solve different pain points, and that can create a number of different options for using pain points when making cold calls.

Pain can be different for different buyers.
If you really want to be targeted with your sales messaging, the pain points could actually change when you change the type of buyer that you are cold calling.

It can be challenging to get it into the conversation.
To use pain points when cold calling can be difficult due solely to the fact that cold calls can be extremely short, making it unclear how exactly to get the short conversation centered around the prospect’s pain.

We hope this gives you some new ideas for how to Use Pain Points When Cold Calling!