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29 03, 2016

Insurance Sales Pitch: Resolve Objections with These 3 Options

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In this sales training video, we discuss how to structure your insurance sales pitch so that you can resolve and get around sales objections. You are guaranteed to face objections when talking with prospects, and the more prepared you are for those, the better your sales results will be.   Three Sales Objection Handling Options [...]

27 03, 2016

Use Name Drops in Your Insurance Sales Pitch

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In this video, we outline how you can enhance an insurance sales pitch by including name-drop examples. These are quick examples of how you have helped other clients or customers. This is an extremely effective and powerful tactic because it is a great way to communicate how you can help and build interest. You can [...]

26 03, 2016

How to Create an Insurance Sales Pitch that Builds Interest

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In this video, we provide some quick tips on how to structure an insurance sales pitch that triggers interest on the prospect's side.   The Traditional Way to Build Interest The way a lot of salespeople attempt to build interest by talking about their products and company. With this approach, as the salesperson tries to [...]

23 03, 2016

How to Pre-Qualify Prospects with Your Insurance Sales Script

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In a previous blog post, we discussed how you can improve your insurance sales script by identifying the problems and challenges that your products help to resolve or avoid. The next step in this process is to develop a list of probing questions that you can ask to see if the prospect has these problems [...]

22 03, 2016

How to Build an Insurance Sales Pitch Around Prospect Pain

By |2016-03-22T15:52:00+00:00March 22, 2016|Cold Call Script, Cold Calling, Finding Prospect Pain, Inside Sales, Sales Methodology, Sales Pitch, Sales Prospecting|0 Comments

In another blog post, we discussed step 1 in building an insurance sales pitch. In this video, we outline step 2 and which is to identify the pain that your products help to resolve. What is pain? Pain in its simplest terms is something that is not working well or could be working better for [...]

11 02, 2016

Mastering Sales Pitch Scripts: Webinar for Insurance Sales Success

By |2023-10-25T11:34:49+00:00February 11, 2016|Cold Call Script, Sales Pitch, Sales Prospecting|0 Comments

It is extremely competitive in the insurance sales space and in order to stand out from the competition, it is critical to have a strong sales pitch. In this sales training webinar, we outline exactly how to build a strong sales pitch for insurance sales. Here are some of the key steps that you can [...]

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