In this video, we outline some concepts that you can factor in when you build an insurance sales pitch.

Focus on the May Fit
With the need and pressure to sell as much as we can, it can be easy to try to sell to every prospect that you end up in a conversation with. While that instinct is coming from the right place, it can be a little misguided and can lead to wasted time.

The reason we say this is that if you take all of the prospects that you talk to and put them in a circle, there is only a small group that can be labeled as “may fit”. These are the prospects where there is the possibility that they could use or need the insurance products that you are trying to sell.

All of the others could be labeled as “does not fit” and any attempt to try to schedule meetings or sell to these prospects with an insurance sales pitch could lead to wasted effort and time.

Early Sales Process Stages
When building an insurance sales pitch, it can be helpful to keep in mind some of the main early sales process stages. These stages may include a first contact which could either be over the phone or a quick conversation at a networking event.

After this initial sales process stage will often be an appointment or meeting of some sort. This could be popping by the prospect’s office, a quick phone call, or meeting over coffee.

It is important to be aware of these stages when it comes to your insurance sales pitch because you will rarely close the sale in that initial interaction. As a result, it can be beneficial to structure your pitch so that you are not trying to close the sale in the first interaction and focus the pitch more on closing for the appointment or meeting.

Soft Disqualify
When you sell insurance and prospects learn that is what you do, they can instantly get a bit guarded. This is because there are a lot of insurance sales professionals that your prospect may cross paths with. In addition, they may already have insurance or have a belief that they do not need insurance for a particular area.

One thing you can do to defuse this guardedness is to softly disqualify the prospect by expressing a hint of doubt as to whether or not they are a good fit for how you can help in your insurance sales pitch.