How to Increase Sales Leads

19 12, 2015

Don’t be a Narcissistic Salesperson

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We currently live in a very narcissistic world today. If you are ever on social media, you will notice a steady flow of selfies and status updates that are solely centered around what the person posting is doing, has received, achieved, etc. The Problem with this Behavior The interesting thing about this is that what [...]

26 11, 2014

Selling is not About Performing Magic and Manipulation

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When some people think about the act of selling something, they often think that the salesperson is going through a process of convincing the prospect to buy what they have to offer - that they are “talking them into it”. With this frame of mind, the belief is created that the best salespeople are the [...]

7 08, 2013

How to Increase Sales Volume

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Something which every business owner, sales manager, and sales professional cares deeply about is how to increase sales volume. It may seem that sometimes you have to be more lucky than good for everything to work, but the reality is that there are things that can be done to improve sales volume. Clearly Identify the [...]

7 07, 2013

How to Measure Sales Effectiveness

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It can highly improve management of a sales team by knowing how to measure sales effectiveness. You won’t have the information needed to make the minor adjustments that will help you to increase your sales if you don’t know what the individuals are doing well and where the areas for improvement are needed. The following [...]

25 06, 2013

Six Tips to Improve Selling

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Adding extra effort doesn’t always improve selling which is the great thing about sales. This is great because there are clear and practical things that can be done to immediately improve results. 1. Effectively Qualify Prospects We can easily get trapped in the direction of trying to sell to everybody and oftentimes even to anybody [...]

27 04, 2013

How to Increase Sales Leads

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It is known that every sales manager, salesperson, and business owner is focused on how to increase sales leads. There are some clear and simple things that can be done to improve lead generation even though it seems like a challenging task. Professional Networking One of the most effective and quick ways to increase leads [...]

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