Most businesses have an interest in how to get more sales. The following are some very practical areas to focus on to increase sales.


1. Increase the Number of New Prospects that You Touch

One of the key variables we need to increase is the number of prospects we are able to touch and connect with when increasing sales from new prospects. The following are some ways to increase productivity as well as effectiveness in this area.

Cold Calling: One of the most common, well-known ways for a business or salesperson to connect with new prospects is cold calling. People sometimes debate the effectiveness of cold calling as well as claim it’s a practice of the past. Technology has changed and provides salespeople with other prospecting tools as well as helps prospects avoid cold calls, but there is still a place in prospecting by picking up the phone and trying to communicate with potential prospects.

Email Marketing: A cost-effective way to communicate with as well as stay in touch with new prospects is email marketing. Having a monthly newsletter that communicates news, tips, and promotions is a way to accomplish this.

Social Media: Social media can be a great tool when trying to work on it because you can use many of the various available platforms to connect and communicate with new prospects.

Search Engine Optimization: One of the most effective and powerful tools and/or methods to use to connect with new prospects is SEO. A grand improvement in communicating with prospects can occur by investing time and energy into improving the SEO of a website.

Professional Networking: One of the quickest ways to improve results with how to get more sales is professional networking because you can establish immediate and strong professional relationships. These connections can either become clients or referral partners and both can help with increasing sales.


2. Increase Referrals and Repeat Business

Even though most attention with how to get more sales is typically focused on getting new customers, often it can be easier to increase sales by focusing on our current clients.

Deliver Quality Service: Attention, investment, and energy on delivering quality service to existing clients should be included in every sales strategy. It’s easier to keep existing clients and attempt to keep them instead of recruiting new business.

Reciprocation: One of our highest interests as business owners and salespeople is increasing sales, but by shifting from initially trying to help ourselves and transitioning to trying to help others first, whether helping our clients or our contacts to build their businesses, we’ll see a positive impact on our own sales in the areas of repeat business and referrals.

Send Cards: Sending greeting cards to our referral partners, prospects, current clients, and past clients is an effective way to increase sales from referrals as well as repeat business. It’s a great way to keep in touch as well as express your gratitude for the relationship you share.


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