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8 01, 2014

It is not Always All About You When Sales Prospecting

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There is one thing that we can always stand to be reminded of when sales prospecting, and that is that it is not always all about us, the seller. To immediately improve your conversations, shift from talking about you and focus more on talking about the prospect.   We are self-serving at some level There [...]

15 12, 2013

How to Get Around Cold Call Objections Ebook

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I have some bad news. You are very likely to face cold call objections on just about every call that you make. Objections are like stop signs that the prospect will hold up to try to take the call in a direction of their choosing. And if you have called someone unexpectedly and appear to [...]

17 06, 2013

Learn How to Prospect for Clients Effectively

By |2023-11-08T11:59:15+00:00June 17, 2013|Cold Calling, Sales Coaching, Sales Prospecting, Sales Tips|0 Comments

Most businesses can spend time and energy on determining how to prospect for clients. Hard work and effort alone don’t equal results every time when it comes to prospecting. The reason is that there are very clear things we can do or not do to immediately impact our results. Outlined below are some of these: [...]

13 04, 2013

Make an Immediate Improvement with These Good Sales Tips

By |2023-11-14T05:36:06+00:00April 13, 2013|Cold Calling, Inside Sales, Sales Coaching, Sales Prospecting, Sales Tips|0 Comments

If you embrace and implement good sales tips, you’re likely to see an immediate improvement in your sales results which is the great thing about sales. The following are a few sales tips that are easy and practical to adopt.   1. Define your ideal prospect Clearly identifying what your ideal prospect looks like is [...]

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