If you embrace and implement , you’re likely to see an immediate improvement in your sales results which is the great thing about sales. The following are a few sales tips which are easy and practical to adopt.

1. Define your ideal prospect

Clearly identifying what your ideal prospect looks like is one sales step easily overlooked. It is easy to fall into trying to sell to everybody, but in reality there aren’t only certain prospects which fit better with what we have to offer than others, but there are prospects which are more likely to move forward with a purchase.

You can improve your ability to figure out which prospects to spend your valuable time with by defining what your ideal prospect looks like. Look at characteristics like location, size, title, industry, as well as current environment.

2. Perform research

Performing a decent amount of research on your sales prospects is a step that can have a huge impact although it is not the most fun step. Learning about their business, challenges, and industry helps you build out your account strategy as well as greatly impresses your prospects.

3. Turn gatekeepers from enemies to allies

Most likely you’ll spend a large amount of time dealing with gatekeepers while selling. Because of this, can include trying to get gatekeepers on your side and turning them from enemies to allies.

Gatekeepers will immediately be attempting to determine if you’re a friend or foe. An outsider trying to get in is a foe. Someone that’s already on the inside by being connected or doing business with the organization is a friend. To make the gatekeeper feel as though you’re more of a friend than foe there are clear things which can be done.

4. Focus on value

Salespeople often fall into the habit of primarily talking about their products and features when they sell. While that can be okay, it’s more powerful to shift from this and focus more on talking about the value that you have to offer.

How can you help your clients? Do you help them save time, decrease costs, make more money, or decrease risk? When looking for good sales tips, build your sales messaging and communications around that.

5. Prepare for objections

Preparing for objections is one of the good sales tips which can have an immediate impact. Predominately when cold calling, you’ll run up against objections when dealing with prospects. Statements like “We are not interested”, “Just send me some information”, and “You price is too high” are common objections.

You can greatly improve your ability to respond when they come up in the field if you can identify which objections are likely to come up and then script good responses for those. You can expect to see an improvement in sales results in the long-run when you can deal with objections better.


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