Most businesses can spend time and energy on determining how to prospect for clients. Hard work and effort alone don’t equal results every time when it comes to prospecting. The reason is that there are very clear things we can do or not do to immediately impact our results. Outlined below are some of these:


Identify Your Core Value

One of the most important things that they’ll be concerned about is how you can help them improve their business when interacting with prospects. To explain further, they’ll want to know how you can help them to increase revenue, decrease costs, or decrease risk.

Essentially, the core value you have to offer is the way you help companies to achieve any of those benefits. It can be extremely helpful to identify the core business value you deliver to businesses, and this should have the ability to be summarized and communicated in one or two sentences when prospecting for clients.


Identify How You Differ from the Competition

We will face competition at every opportunity, no matter what we sell. We compete against the prospect’s option to do nothing, even when there is no direct competition. We need to determine how we differ from the competition when working on this being the case.


Identify Your Ideal Prospect

Most likely, we can sell our products to various types of businesses and individuals. Keep in mind that our core value may fit better or deliver better returns to one type of prospect versus another. An important step in determining how to prospect for clients is identifying what your ideal prospect looks like, with that being the case.


Build Your Target Attack List

We can create a list of businesses and/or individuals that fit those characteristics in an effort to build an attack list of prospects to call on once the characteristics of our ideal prospect can be determined.


Build Out Your Outbound Strategy

We need to build a strategy for how to try to connect with them after having an attack list of prospects. Everything from cold calling to email marketing to using social media are examples of the many different outbound tools and tactics we can use.


Invest in Your Inbound Strategy

We can have an inbound strategy as well as outbound solutions for how to prospect for clients. Investing time and resources in search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful ways to create leads as well as inbound traffic.


Expand Your Network

One of the most effective ways of finding and connecting with prospects is business networking. Networking doesn’t only refer to attending events, joining organizations, and face-to-face contact meetings in today’s world. Now, there’s a very large amount of work and progress that can be made by networking virtually through social media.


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