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12 04, 2015

Sales Scripts Are Not Only for New Salespeople

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I was talking with a former customer of Sales Scripter this week, and she mentioned that they did not need Sales Scripter anymore because "sales scripts are really only something that new salespeople need,” and they let their new salesperson go. She mentioned how she and others on the team have 18-plus years of sales [...]

25 08, 2013

Everything You Need To Know About Writing Call Scripts

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Having good call scripts is something that most sales managers and sales professionals think about. This area can be intimidating as it can be difficult to figure out how to build the right script for cold calling. Here are some simple steps to go through to help.   Identify Your Value One step that is [...]

25 05, 2013

Using a Calling Script to Improve Your Sales Calls

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Speaking from past experiences, it’s typically the case that we don’t call with a calling script when sales prospecting. Usually, we just pick up the phone and improvise as to what we say and ask. Although the majority of salespeople do this, there are very powerful benefits to using some sort of calling script.   [...]

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