Having good call scripts is something that most sales managers and sales professionals think about. This area can be intimidating as it can be difficult to figure out how to build the right script for cold calling. Here are some simple steps to go through to help.


Identify Your Value

One step that is often skipped over is putting some language together that explains the value that your offer. While we typically can talk all day about our products and what they do, talking about this is not going to communicate the value that the products deliver.

Value is not what your products do; it is what your products help your customers to do or to achieve. Whether selling over the phone or in person, talking at this level can help you grab the prospect’s attention and build interest. Keep in mind, that the main thing that the prospect cares about is “What is in it for me?” and talking at this level will help you to answer that.

Once you have clarity around the value that you offer, you can include this in the introduction portion of your call scripts.


Identify the Pain You Resolve

Another trap that we can fall into is not taking time to learn about any pain the prospect is having. This is key because if the prospect is not having any pain or challenges in the areas that you help and offer value, then the prospect might not be motivated to spend money on your products and services, and thus might not be a qualified prospect.

Getting your call scripts designed so that the prospect talks about their pain is a good step forward. But you don’t necessarily want the prospect talking about challenges that have nothing to do with the areas that your products fit in. What you want to do is get them talking about the pain that you help to resolve, if they have any.

Stop to think about the pain, problems, or challenges that you fix and incorporate those details in your cold call scripts.


Build Your Prequalifying Questions

We just talked about building a list of pain points that you resolve. You should include a step in your call scripts to prequalify the prospect to at least make sure that it makes sense to keep talking.

One thing that you can do in this prequalification step is to determine if the prospect has the pain that you fix. In order to build that into your cold call script, you can simply take your list of pain points that you fix and compose questions for each one that determines if the prospect is qualified from a standpoint of needing what you have to offer.


Putting It Together

If you go through those steps, you might develop a lot of good points and questions. Now, you just need to put it all together into some sort of a cold call script.

One way to approach this is to build more of an outline of what to say versus paragraph after paragraph. Not only does this create a sales tool that is easier to adopt and learn, but it is also more flexible when used during a cold call.


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