I was talking with a former customer of SalesScripter this week and she mentioned that they did not need SalesScripter anymore because “sales scripts are really only something that new salespeople need” and they let their new sales person go. She was mentioning how she and others on the team have 18 plus years of sales experience so they really don’t need to use a script.

As she is saying this, I am thinking how much I completely disagree with what she is saying but I chose to not get into a philosophical discussion with her and try to change her mind. There are so many reasons why I believe she is not seeing things correctly but to try to outline those or change her mind during a quick phone conversation would not have led anywhere.

My response was to let her say what she wanted to say and I then cancelled her subscription. But here ae some of the reasons that I disagree with how she sees things:

Does experience always help someone to always say and ask the right stuff?
Yes, an experienced sales person may never at a loss for words when talking with a prospect. They can go on and on about their company and their products. And they usually are good at keeping the conversation going with the prospect.

But this does not mean that their sales pitch is good and that they are asking the right questions or going down the right talk tracks. I have found myself in conversations with experienced salespeople where they would not stop talking about their products and never stopped to ask me questions to learn anything about me and really determine if I need what they were trying to sell.

Yes, sales scripts can help a new sales person who has no idea what to say. But they can also help an experienced sales person to stay on the right track in terms of their pitch and questions.

Is what you are saying working?
Do you feel what you are saying is working when you talk with prospects? Are you always able to extract the key information that you need? Are you always able to keep conversations going? Able to easily identify what problems the prospect is having? Able to separate the good prospects from bad? Are you able to easily close prospects?

If you cannot answer all of those with an extremely confident “Yes”, there could be an improvement in your efforts by adding an element of sales scripts.

Do you know exactly what questions to be asking?
You may have 10, 20, 30 years of sales experience. But do you always know exactly what questions that you should ask in all the different prospecting situations you find yourself in?

Whether you realize it or not, there are different pre-qualifying questions that you should ask when talking to different prospects. When you change the product you are trying to drive demand for, the questions should change. When you change the type of prospect that you are talking to, the questions should change.

What I personally find is that the more sales experience someone has, the less questions they usually ask when they talk with prospects.

Sales scripts are not conversations scripted out. They can be more of lists of key questions that you should ask in different situations.

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