Speaking from past experiences, it’s typically the case that we don’t call with a calling script when sales prospecting. Usually, we just pick up the phone and improvise as to what we say and ask. Although the majority of salespeople do this, there are very powerful benefits to using some sort of calling script.


What is a calling script?

Before moving on, first, let’s level set what a calling script is. We often steer away from using a sales script because our impression of a script is a long document that we read from directly.

With that type of image, a call script sounds like something that’s difficult and time-consuming to create, and it won’t make us sound polished if we read from a document when calling on prospects.

In reality, to call with a calling script doesn’t necessarily need to look like that. It can be something as simple as a list of key questions that we need to ask during calls. You can drastically improve your potential for success by going from improvising to at least having a list of questions and/or statements.


Why call with a calling script?

Incorporating call scripts creates tremendous benefits.

Improve Impression

Initially, it is thought that calling with a script gives a negative impression and that of an amateur salesperson. In reality, using a call script properly, which means not reading from it directly, gives off the best impression. You’ll come across as prepared, polished, and organized.

Improve Productivity

You’ll improve your ability to get the most out of each interaction you have with prospects by having what you’ll say prepared and listed out in a sales script. The time you have with prospects is extremely valuable, and by getting the most out of discussions, you’ll improve your overall productivity.

Increase Lead Generation

You’ll improve your ability to generate leads by improving the interactions you have with prospects.

Decrease Stress

Sales prospecting can come with a lot of stress. You’ll always face the potential of rejection as well as some uncertainty about how conversations will go. You’ll decrease the uncertainty about what to say and do when you speak with prospects and help decrease stress when you call with a calling script.

Improve Overall Sales Results

There can be an expectation to improve overall sales results by improving the ability to generate leads.

Decrease Turnover

All of these benefits can lead to decreased sales staff turnover, which is one of the most important benefits for sales managers and business owners. This can be from salespeople being more successful and/or choosing to stay or there is less of a reason to replace sales resources because of poor performance. By decreasing turnover, it can lead to a number of long-term cost and revenue improvements.

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