Step 1 in building your sales script for insurance is going to be to identify the value that your products offer or deliver.

What is value?
Value is the benefit that your product provides the buyer. To look at an example, if you are trying to sell a prospect flood coverage. The technical value of this product may be that it provides coverage of flood damage up to $100,000.

The business value that this product provides is decreasing the risk of having to spend a lot of money out of pocket if there are some adverse weather conditions in the future. You could go one step further to say that the personal value offered is that this could help to decrease stress and uncertainty, helping someone to “sleep better at night”.

Use Your Value in Your Introduction
Having the value your products offer in your sales script for insurance helps in a few very key ways. First, it is a great thing to put at the core of your introduction.

Whether you are cold calling or talking to someone in person at a networking event, instead of introducing yourself by saying you sell insurance, begin your insurance pitch by saying the value that you offer:

I help homeowners to decrease the risk of having to spend money to repair their homes when there are extreme weather conditions.

Does that statement make prospects grab for a pen to sign the dotted line? – Of course not. But it is a better way to introduce yourself in an insurance pitch than saying something about being an insurance sales agent.

Use Your Value in an Email
Using your value points in your insurance pitch is also a great thing to say when you email prospects. Instead of including any details about insurance products in your emails, talk more about the value that your products have to offer.

Value Points Make Great Voicemail Messages
You can also use these value points in your voicemail message. List out between 1 to 3 points and share why you are reaching out to the prospect.

Just like we said with adding this to your introduction, sharing your value points in a voicemail message will not necessarily get the prospect to call you back with them asking where to sign up. But it does communicate very clearly and professionally how you can help and this can make a good impression and position you well for when you are able to connect with the prospect.

Share a Value Statement as an Objection Response
If you are doing phone prospecting, it can be common to face objections like “What is this in regards to?” and “Is this a sales call?”. Instead of directly answering those questions, just respond with one of the value points. For example:

Well, the reason why I am calling is that we help businesses to decrease the cost that can occur from accidents in the workplace.

We hope this gives you some ideas for how you can improve your sales script for insurance.