SMART Sales System Training Program

Our SMART (Sales Messaging and Response Tactics) Sales System is a sales training program that focuses on helping you to improve your sales and prospecting efforts by helping you to always know what is best to say and ask when talking with prospects.

You can access the full training program right here at no cost through this video playlist embedded from our channel on YouTube.

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In the top left corner of the video is an icon that you can click on to navigate to other videos in the Sales Prospecting Basics sales training program. If you would prefer to see a full list of the training videos, you can click here to access the full list of videos directly on YouTube.

Why is this sales training free?
You may wonder why we offer free sales training when most of our competitors will charge thousands of dollars for accessing this content. The answer is simple and that is that we offer a sales prospecting platform that aligns with all of these tactics.

Our logic is that if you view all of these videos and love our approach and tactics, and you want to implement a lot of this, you might want to check out our software platform and that is not only where we hope to establish a formal business relationship with you, but that is also where we believe we are best positioned to help you to get to the next level.

Training Modules
Here is a breakdown of the modules that are in the Sales Prospecting Basics sales training program.

How to Improve Your Control Over the Sales Process
We start the sales training program by making it crystal clear what steps and processes you should try to take a prospect through when sales prospecting.

Appointment Setting Overview
The sales process for many products will include setting an appointment with a prospect. In this module, we provide an overview for how to best do this.

How to Cold Call
Cold calling is usually one of the most difficult tasks for a salesperson. In this module, we break down the process of cold calling and this sales training module will not only make cold calling much easier, but it will also improve a salesperson’s results.

How to Build Powerful Sales Messaging to Increase Sales
The words a salesperson uses is their best and most powerful sales tool. In this free sales training module, we outline a process for how to build a powerful sales pitch and that can improve everything a salesperson says and asks when interacting with prospects.

How to Effectively Use Voicemail as a Sales Prospecting Tool
Don’t just improvise with what you say in your voicemail messages and guess when to leave a message and when to hang up without a message. Use some sort of methodology when it comes to dealing with voicemail boxes and we will teach you our approach in this free sales training module.

How to Effectively Use Email as a Sales Prospecting Tool
There are very clear do’s and don’ts when it comes to how to use email when prospecting. We will outline those and give you some very clear tips for how best to use email when sales prospecting in this training module.

How to Operate in a World Where Prospects Don’t Answer the Phone
Let’s face it, prospects seem to rarely answer the phone these days. We will provide a game plan in this sales training module that will include real and practical things that you can do to improve your ability to get prospects on the phone.

How to Consistently Get Around Sales Objections
You are guaranteed to face objections on almost every phone prospecting call. In this free sales training module, we will provide a simple to implement objection handling methodology that will help you to consistently get around sales objections.

How to Consistently Get Around Gatekeepers When B2B Cold Calling
A major portion of B2B cold calls will be answered by a gatekeeper. If you can improve your ability to get around these gatekeepers, you will see a direct improvement in your cold calling efforts and we will teach you how to do that in this module.

Building a Value Proposition that Generates Leads
Training module that takes you through a process that you can use to build or improve your value proposition.

How to Use Prospect Pain to Generate Leads
A training module that helps you to find and focus on your prospect’s pain more in your sales communications and messaging.

How to Build Rapport, Interest, and Credibility
We will go through some practical techniques that you can implement to improve the level of rapport, interest, and credibility that you create when interacting with prospects.

How to Hone in on Your Ideal Prospect
You have to know what you are looking for in order to successfully find it and this module helps you to create clarity for what prospects you should spend your valuable time pursuing.

How to Always Know What Sales Questions to Ask
The best salesperson asks the best questions and we teach you what questions you need to be asking in this training module.

How to Immediately Become a Better Closer
Being a better closer is more achievable than you think and we demonstrate that in this module.

How to Properly Perform the Sales Takeaway
Doing the sales takeaway can be tricky but explain how best to do it in this training module.

How to Build and Maintain Mental Strength While Selling
It is important to maintain a strong mental frame of mind when selling and we give some tips for how to do that in this training module.

How to Be an Awesome Networker
This training module will help you to get the biggest ROI out of the time and effort that you invest in your networking activities.

How to Have Awesome First Sales Call Appointments with Prospects
There is an optimum way to handle and structure appointments with prospects and we provide some tips for that in this training module.

What is Consultative Selling and How to be a Consultative Salesperson
This training module explains what exactly consultative selling is and tips for how you can be more consultative in your sales efforts.

How to Effectively Use LinkedIn as a Sales Prospecting Tool
LinkedIn is becoming a very important and powerful prospecting tool. But there are clear “do’s and don’ts” and we outline those in this training module.


About the Author:

Michael Halper, Founder and CEO of SalesScripter and author of “The Cold Calling Equation – PROBLEM SOLVED", is an expert on how to penetrate new accounts, get meetings with executives, and generate leads. His mastery of this area began while working in hunting roles selling technology products to large corporations and took it to the next level while building and managing an inside sales call center.
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