The best salesperson is the one that asks the best and in this sales training webinar, we outline how to improve your ability to get your salespeople asking the right questions.

It Can be Tough Getting Salespeople to Ask the Right Sales Questions
This can be a difficult thing to do because not only is every salesperson is unique, but every sales interaction is also unique. It can be tough to give clear direction to salespeople that tells them what to do in all of the different situations they may encounter.

And it does not stop with sales training and new sales hire onboarding in terms of difficulty try to get salespeople to ask the right questions. A sales manager can’t be there next to a salesperson on every call that they make and meeting that they attend making sure they are asking the right questions.

The Most Common Sales Training Gap
Before you look at what you need to do to improve, let’s stop to look at what many sales organizations do incorrectly and that is that they do not do a good enough job of teaching sales resources what sales questions to ask.

You may think that is not the case because most businesses will have some sort of sales new hire onboarding program. But if you really dissect the content in those sales training programs, you will find a lot of company, product, and process training content. There will more often than not be a gap in the area of teaching salespeople what questions they should be asking when talking with sales prospects.

Identify Your Pre-Qualifying Questions
If you read all of that and are thinking that there is room for improvement with how you train your salespeople and you want to take some positive steps forward, begin with identifying what your pre-qualifying questions should be for the product or services that you sell. These are probing questions to determine if the prospect needs what you have to offer or what they are currently doing in the area where you have something to offer.

If don’t know where to begin with figuring out what your pre-qualifying questions are, start by looking at the pain points that you help to resolve. This is a really good what to produce a quality list of sales questions because you could and should ask questions to identify if the prospect currently has some of the pain points and concerns that

Teach Hard Qualifying Questions
We just touched on pre-qualifying questions. These could be different for the different products that you sell and for the different people that you sell to. But what will be the same for all sales situations are the hard qualifying questions.

These are questions that assess how qualified the prospect is and can look at areas like the true need to purchase, ability to purchase, authority to purchase, and intent to purchase. These are sales training programs that you can teach your sales resources to ask sales questions in your new sales hire onboarding or recurring sales training.

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