Many salespeople view closing sales as the key thing they need to improve in order to sell more. I personally believe that if you do the right things during the sales process, closing should be the easiest step. And in some cases, deals will almost close themselves.

A Good Sales Message Makes Closing Easier
If you use the SMART Sales System process to create a consultative selling sales message, you should find it easier to close prospects because you will likely:

  • Clearly communicate what you do, how you help, and what problems you can solve
  • Be more effective at making the prospect interested in what you sell Trigger less guardedness
  • Build more rapport and better relationships by not being a pushy salesperson
  • Establish more trust and credibility

Qualifying the Prospect Makes Closing Easier
One of the reasons closing can be difficult is that we often end up trying to close prospects who do not need or cannot buy what we sell. With that, if you do a better job at filtering out bad prospects, you will end up trying to sell to prospects that fit better in terms of needing and being able to purchase what you sell, and this will make closing easier. Using a thorough process for qualifying will help to separate good prospects from bad, immediately making you a better closer.

Being Prepared for Objections Makes Closing Easier
When you are not able to close a prospect, you are likely being stopped by some sort of objection. By being more prepared for objections, you will improve your ability to handle these situations and keep conversations going. This will help you to stay en- gaged longer, giving you multiple opportunities to close, which should have a positive impact on your close rate overall.