You can incorporate some very clear and practical sales habits to likely see a positive impact on your sales results.


1. Wake up early

Flexibility is typically allowed with most professional sales jobs on when to start the day. You can either take advantage of this from a comfort standpoint by starting at a normal time each day or you can be more opportunistic by waking up early to add a little more time to your day. What would happen to your productivity and results if you started your day 30 minutes to an hour earlier each day?


2. Get into a routine

Related to getting up early is the sales habit of getting into some sort of normal routine. Not only will you get more done, but you will also prevent less from falling through the cracks and decrease stress by establishing a normal routine.


3. Get in the needed hours

Along with sales positions comes a certain amount of freedom. It’s up to you to self-manage yourself and measure the amount of work that you put in. Making sure that you’re not taking advantage of the freedom too much and that you’re getting in the hours per day and per week that are needed for you to reach your goals is one of the sales habits.


4. Stop multitasking

We have many different temptations for multitasking with email, cell phones, and social media. Multitasking can often be a requirement in order to handle fast-paced sales jobs. In addition, at times shutting down the multitasking to create more focus can increase your sales.


5. Compartmentalize the week

There are many different responsibilities for a salesperson, such as finding new clients, keeping existing clients, completing paperwork, meeting with management, performing training, etc. It can sometimes be challenging being pulled in many directions, and one of the sales habits that can help is to break the week into compartments and assign time to the different areas where attention is needed.


6. Set short and long-term goals

It is important to have direction and a target for what we’re trying to achieve in order to increase our odds of success, especially in sales. Setting goals for the day, week, month, and year can have a tremendous impact on your ability to increase your sales.


7. Regular professional networking

One of the best methods for lead generation is professional networking. Incorporate sales habits that have you doing a good amount of networking each week or month.


8. Schedule time for cold calling

Finding an excuse or other priority to focus on to not make cold calls is easy to do. Decrease this by scheduling time with yourself that is solely dedicated toward cold calling.


9. Digitize your notes

Keeping notes from prospect meetings on some sort of pad of paper is common practice amongst salespeople. Taking one step further to convert those notes to digital format it helps you to better organize your notes, make them more clear, and improve your access to them at a later date.

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