When you are sending cold emails to prospects, do not ask the prospect if they saw or read the emails you have sent them in the past. For example, some salespeople will send a second email that starts out with something like this:

  • Did you see my last email?
  • Did you read my last email?
  • You never replied to my last email.
  • I never heard back from you on my last email.

In my opinion, there is little to be gained by knowing whether the prospect has read your last email, and it is actually a little rude to ask about this. This is the type of question that a manager would ask a subordinate when questioning the status of a task or assignment. A salesperson is not the manager of the prospect. If anything, the salesperson is the employee to the prospect or customer. As a result, do not question prospects on whether they have read or seen your emails, and just assume that they have not.