Do you use any email templates when prospecting? If not, you really might want to stop to incorporate those in some way, as you are wasting valuable time.

The reason why is that you come across the same exact scenarios again and again when prospecting:

  • You are sending an email to someone you have never spoken with
  • You just spoke to someone, and they asked you to send them more information
  • You just left a voicemail
  • You just completed an appointment or meeting with a prospect
  • You just connected with the prospect on LinkedIn
  • You just met someone at a networking event

There are, of course, other situations that come up again and again, but the thing that is relevant about the ones mentioned is that they all require an email, and those emails will usually look the same when you move from one prospect to the next.

As a result, if you type out those emails each time you need one, you might be retyping similar messages again and again.

Save this time by creating that you can quickly shoot out and that will enable you to spend more time talking with prospects and less time writing emails.


Types of Email Templates

Here are some categories of email templates that you can put in place to cover a lot of recurring situations:

  • Pre-Call Emails
  • Post-Call Emails
  • Post-Voicemail Emails
  • Post-Meeting Emails

An important thing to point out here is that we are referring to prospecting templates – not marketing templates. The difference is that your prospecting templates should be more designed to look like an email that you personally wrote out for the person that you are emailing.

Marketing templates usually have more of a one-to-many look and feel and usually incorporate HTML effects including borders, special formatting, images, etc.


How to Manage Your Templates

The optimum way to include prospecting templates is to use a CRM that allows you to create emails, and then once you write the email, you can quickly send it out to a prospect with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

If you don’t have a CRM that you can do this with, another way to go is to create your templates in Microsoft Word documents and then have those either open or easily accessible when you are prospecting so that it is just a quick copy and paste to get an email sent out.

SalesScripter provides dozens of sales prospecting email templates.