There is no doubt that social selling is continuing to become a more important of sales prospecting every day. In a recent webinar that we delivered on social selling, we discussed the topic of social media and provided some things for you to think about when trying to figure out how best to use social media in your sales strategy and phone prospecting.

Here are some quick takeaways from this video.

Figure out what social media platform works best for your business.
Depending on the business that you are in, the social media platform that works best for you and the way that should use it can vary.

If you operate in a B2B type of sales role, there is probably no doubt that LinkedIn is going to probably be the best social media to use when prospecting. If you are in more of a B2C role, then Facebook might be a better fit. And Twitter may actually work in both of those situations.

Don’t blatantly try to sell over social media.
We firmly believe that people don’t like being sold to in any situation. And that especially goes for when they are on social media.

Don’t reach out and connect and then just hit the prospect with a straight-in-the-face type of sales pitch. Instead, use social media to connect, exchange information, share value, to broadcast in a way that keeps you fresh in mind.

Use social media as a research tool and contact database.
There is a ton of information on sales prospects on social media. You can find out where they work, what they do, what they like, and on and on.

Use this valuable information to your advantage. Let the social media platform become an extension of your CRM.

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