There are simple and practical things that can be done to improve your sales results, which makes identifying how to increase your sales not as elusive a goal as you might think.


1. Improve your sales messaging

Communicating what you are offering and matching it with the prospect’s needs in order to build interest will be a large factor in your success. Do you have the ability to effectively communicate through your current sales and marketing messaging?

There’s always room for improvement regardless of how well you’re doing in this area. It is important to assess what you’re currently saying to prospects and then identify if it’s effective for building interest and closing deals.


2. Increase your focus

Increasing our level of focus is one area to focus on. Even if we’re putting in large amounts of hours during the week, the effort may not be focused enough to trigger the optimal level of sales results and assist with how to increase your sales.

Improving focus involves several different things. Are you focused during the day by not letting distractions affect your productivity? Are you focused on the right prospects and the right areas of your territory? Are you focused on the correct short and long-term goals throughout the week, month, and year?


3. Increase your productivity

The area of productivity is picking up where the focus leaves off. We cannot change the number of hours in a week, but we can optimize the time we have to work with.

Some ways to improve productivity are to make sure the number of hours worked is in sync with what it is going to take in order for you to accomplish your goals as well as how to increase your sales. It’s all about getting the most out of those hours by becoming more efficient and effective.


4. Improve your aim

When throwing a ball to someone, would you simply throw the ball and not worry at all about the direction you were facing or lined up? No, you would face the person and line up to aim at them directly. Are you doing this same strategy with your territory and target prospects?

Basically, what we’re asking here is, are you trying to sell to everybody or anybody, or have you paused to think about what your ideal prospect looks like? You need to figure out which prospects fit best and have the best chances of purchasing.  Then, have an aim with a laser focus on them.


5. Increase your interactions with target prospects

Have you been interacting and connecting with enough target prospects? Do you have the ability to increase the metrics in this area?

By using tools and methods such as cold calling, professional networking, and search engine optimization, you can increase your exposure to target prospects and help with how to increase your sales.

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