Hosting webinars and events is a great way to generate leads for your business. Usually, after you have an event, you will have a spreadsheet of registrations or attendees. This is a great list to work, but it can often be unclear what best to do to convert the list of attendees into leads. We will answer that question and make it crystal clear what you should do in this blog.


Add Attendee List to an Email Campaign

The first thing that you should do to generate leads is add your event attendee list to an email campaign that you have in your email marketing software application. If you do not have an email marketing software application, that should be the first thing you should put in place if you have a need to generate leads.

Regarding the actual email campaign and email messages that you send to the attendees, your minimum goal is to have some sort of automated email that goes out to the attendees periodically on an ongoing basis. What you say in the email messages is an entire topic in itself, but one main thought on that is that you should send emails that provide more value in terms of sharing insightful information rather than promoting the products and services that you sell.


Call Event Attendees

You may think briefly about calling people who attended your event but then not pursue that because you don’t know what to say and you don’t want to seem too pushy by calling. The reality is that if you call with the right approach, not only will you not seem too pushy, but you will actually appear to be providing excellent customer service for your organization.

The approach that we recommend is that you build your event follow-up cold call all around, checking in with the prospect to ask a few questions about the event. This turns the cold call into a warm call, and from there, you may be able to transition the call to more of a prospecting call where you can see if the prospect needs what you sell.

Here is what that might look like to call not sound like you are trying to generate leads:



[Contact’s Name], this is Michael Halper from Lifetime Fitness, have I caught you in the middle of anything?

Reason for Talking

Great. The reason for my call is that I see that you attended our [Name of Event] and I just wanted to follow-up with you to ask you a question or two.

Event Questions

Do you have any thoughts on the event?
Was there any information provided that you found helpful?
Is there any information that you need or wanted that you did not get?
Are there any questions you have from the event?
Did you think it was a good use of your time?
What motivated you to sign up and come to the event?

After you ask these questions, you can try to transition from the discussion about the event to talking more about the prospect and his or her needs by asking a few of your pain probing questions.

Pain Questions

Pain Question 1
Pain Question 2
Pain Question 3

You can also try to transition from talking about the event by asking some of your current environment questions.

Current Environment Questions

If you could change one thing about their product/service, what would it be?
How long have you been with them?
When was the last time you considered other options in this area?
How is everything going?
What are some of the things you like about what they provide?
What are some things that you think could be better?
Who are you currently using today?
(Sizing Question) How many _____ do you currently have?


Based on how the prospect answers, you may find a reason to talk more if the prospect has pain or things are not working well. If you find that, you could then try to schedule an appointment to discuss what you found that is worth a longer discussion and with that, you have just generated a lead from an attendee that attended your event.


We hope this gives you some ideas of how to generate leads with your event attendee lists.