Often, writing good phone scripts is the deal breaker for a salesperson. The following are key things that you’ll want to incorporate when developing calling scripts:


1. Identify your value

The language that communicates the core value that’s offered is a key step often left out of phone scripts. Most of the time, there is discussion about the company we represent and the products we sell, but that doesn’t communicate the value that we’re offering.

How your products or services benefit the prospect can be broken down into three different categories: technical, business, and personal.

Come up with some statements that communicate the benefits and value you have to offer and incorporate this in your phone scripts.


2. Outline some qualifying questions

One thing that can be done is to try to sell to everyone who answers the phone or takes our sales call. In reality, not everybody is a good fit. In the case that someone isn’t a good fit and we try selling to them regardless, we increase the probability of wasting time by conversing with prospects who have little chance of purchasing our product or service.

You can avoid this by adding light qualifying questions in your phone scripts. Having a few qualifying questions helps ensure we’re speaking with optimal prospects as well as make our cold calls more conversational. This, in turn, helps decrease the prospect’s guard.


3. Gather some common pain points

Finding and uncovering the pain that the prospect has makes us effective at telesales. If there is no pain, not only will the prospect not have real reasons to purchase from us, but they’ll also have no reasons to keep speaking to us.

Including some common pain points that other prospects are experiencing in your phone scripts is a great way to uncover pain. Create a list of good pain points and share those with your prospects to see if they can relate and may be experiencing anything similar.


4. List out some statements that can build interest

When it is all said and done, you’re going to need to build some level of interest in order to keep prospects on the phone as well as get them to commit to any future steps. Understandably, the ability to generate complete interest can be challenging and time-consuming, but there are ways to trigger initial interest over the phone while conversing with a prospect.

Developing a few very powerful building interest points is one tactic.  Share these points towards the end of your phone scripts to engage the prospect before you go for your close.


5. Focus on the next step

There will always be something to close when speaking with a prospect. You will need to close for the next step in the process, even if you’re not closing the sale in the first couple of conversations.

Next, identify the next step in your sales process and focus on that at the end of your sales script.

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