In this video, we talk about how to create a sales script for SEO services. And in order to create this sales script, we first go through our sales message brainstorming process to create a sales message for SEO services.



The first step in our process is to brainstorm what is included with this service. Here are the features that we brainstormed as part of this service:

  • Modify the website to improve how it is viewed and tracked by search engines
  • Onsite and offsite improvements to improve search engine ranking
  • Create content for website
  • Develop a targeted keyword strategy
  • Generate backlinks pointing back to the site

We recommend that you go one step further to think about how you differ from the competition. This would be unique for each salesperson and provider, but here are some of the points that we came up with for demo purposes:

  • We use AI to generate content
  • We have a proprietary algorithm for generating an optimum list of target keywords
  • We have been doing this since the early 2000’s


Target Audience

The second step in the process is to identify the target audience that the sales script is for. We will use a broad target audience type for this demo of selling to “businesses.”



The third step in the process is to identify the value that the service provides to the target audience.

  • Get more website traffic from search engines
  • Get their website to rank on the first page
  • Increase leads generated online
  • Decrease time they have to spend on search engine optimization


Pain Points

The fourth step in the process to create a sales script for SEO services is to identify the pain points that a prospect that needs the service might have.

  • Website is not ranking well on related keyword searches
  • Not generating enough leads online
  • Difficult to increase website traffic
  • SEO can be time-consuming and complicated


Questions to Ask

The fifth step in the process  is to identify questions to ask. We recommend you start with asking questions that probe to see if the prospect has the pain points that you can solve with the product or service.

  • How much of a priority is it to increase your website traffic?
  • How do you feel about how your business is coming up in related keyword searches?
  • How do you feel about the number of leads that you are generating online?
  • How do you feel about the amount of time you are spending on SEO-related tasks?

We also recommend that you ask questions to identify what the prospect is doing in the area where you have something to sell.

  • How active are you in the area of improving the SEO of your website?
  • Who handles the SEO of your website?
  • Have you ever hired an outside company or consultant to help you with SEO?
  • How much inbound website traffic do you get per day/week/month?
  • How is your website ranking on search results for keywords related to your business?
  • How many leads are you currently generating through your website per day/week/month?
  • When was the last time you considered making changes in this area?
  • How many websites do you have?
  • Are you the person that makes decisions regarding search engine optimization or your website?

We hope this video on how to create a sales script for SEO services gives you some ideas for your sales efforts!